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Welcome to the " photo portion" of this webpage!

Here are photos, on our Facebook " Website" page. This is a photo album, of photos taken during my "Honor Flight" at which I accompanied my Dad (a WWII Veteran). We traveled to Washington D.C., to visit the World War II Memorial and other sites.

Click here to Open "Honor Flight" photo album, on " website" Facebook Page website facebook page
On Tuesday, July 17th, 2015 I had the privilege and honor to be one of the TOLEDO, OH "Lucss County Republican Party" executive committe members, to make up the NW Ohio conitigent, attending the:
"OHIO GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH "Run for President of the United States" Announcement Event!
It was held in THE "OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY" Student Union Hall, on the Campus of OSU! (*National News coverage of Governor Kasich's announcement, drew TV reporters and personalities, from across the country. I had an opporturnity to meet, and pause for a photo with, talk show host, and USMC VETERAN,
Montel Williams!(Very nice guy, very easy to talk to, and accomadating man.)



Our lovely daughter, Kylie, during her senior year of high school: 


Our lovely Daughter, Kylie Bradner, High School Senior has a 3.88 Cumulative GPA, and is also becoming a "licensed driver"!
(Congratulations Dear, keep up the good work! We believe you'll be a great "Safe, careful, and courteous driver"! Here's to "Safe travels", Sweetheart! We love you!)


Bill, Our Father Bob, My Sister Bonny, before Dad's "Bon Voyage Dinner" at Eddie Lee's Fine Dining Resteraunt, before Dad's annual return to his "winter" home. (9/26/15)


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