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Here's some more of My Favorite Internet Websites!
Official website of The TOLEDO POLICE DEPARTMENT!!

"Official Toledo Police facebook page"

Truly, some of "TOLEDO's FINEST"!!
Toledo Fire and Rescue Department website:  ("Thank You TFRD, for doing what you do!")
("Pride, Honor, Courage") 

Speaking of First Responders, and Safety, the week of October 4th - 10th, 2015, is "Fire Safety and Prevention Week 2015"
 A visitor to our website, Thomas Jepsen, offered a link to a "Fire Safety and Prevention for keeping your children safe" Infographic about fire safety for kids that contains all the information parents need. Mr. Jepsen continued: "I'll also soon upload fire safety coloring pages and worksheets with all the resources being available completely free of charge for everyone to use. "
Below is the link to it, we hope you find useful.  Thank you.  "Safety First!"
Another good "Law Enforcement Networking Website" to check out is:"
USA Today is another of my favorite sources for world news!
Features views from webcams in different cities all around the world!
(Don't worry - it's pretty hard and takes many clicks to find any "personal" webcams - nothing there to make you blush, mostly just interesting scenery! :-)

E-Nature is a website all about nature! Check it out! You'll love it!! NATURE!!

I was born and raised, and still live in TOLEDO, OH USA!!
Located a mere 30 miles South-Southeast of Toledo, is "The Village of BRADNER, OHIO"!!

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