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Welcome to the " "Biography and History" Wepage"


(*Orginally posted 2005/2008.)
Synopsis of my background:

Born 9/14/60 in Toledo, OH, the youngest of 4 children. Robert, our father, (born in VIRGINIA) had served as a 2nd Lieutenant Fighter Pilot in the USAF in WWII (Atlantic Theater, P-51 Mustang, 38 missions, B-52 escort, 11 Engagements. (He was already put in for a promotion to Captian when the war ended and he was sent back stateside to serve in the reserves, where he finished his degree at Randolf Macon College, and attended the Unniversity of Virgian Law School.). Robert was a F.B.I. special agent. He retired as Senior Special Agent in charge of the Toledo home office. Past President of the Lions Club, toledo host chapter, Rotary Club of Toledo, Past President of VGC, and served in many important postions on the Aldersgate UMC finance and administrative boards as well as a Trustee. (*5/17/05 note - He played golf in the inter-luncheon league (for rotary clubs) and did quite well. He won his flight for club championship in the past, and to this day, still plays about 3 times a week. So far he has shot AT or UNDER his age in golf more than 3 dozen times!! (The first time at age 71, the most recent about a month ago! by 10 strokes!!) (I've told him I think he ought to try the "Seniors PGA tour!" LOL! :-) He and mom were avid bowlers for years, and enjoyed bowling in several "Mom and Pop" PBA sanctioned leagues (I don't think he ever bowled a 300 - but I know for a while his average was around 200! :-). He still is an active member of the society of former special agents of the F.B.I. (God Bless the F.B.I.!! Thank you very much!! Wait, while I am at it: "God Bless EVERY American law enforcement officer, and respective agency!" Not only here but worldwide!
(Like the good book says:
Matthew 5:9 - "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God")
     Wanda, our mother, (born in IOWA) worked as a RN, a homemaker, retail sales associate, and a church education administrator/historian. (Our mother and father met on a blind date, after the end of the war, when she was still in nursing school.) Mom and Dad still are (and maybe always will be) two of our greatest heros) Mom enjoyd spending time on researching her family tree (flew to England about 12 years ago to trace her geneology and visit her ancestors estate - "The Richmonds"!! She also has done a little research on my paternal ancestors, and found our Bradner family line goes back to Wicklow County Ireland!! :-), is still active in her High School Graduating Class Reunion (24 in her class!), horticulture, walks on the beach, is quite the seamstress, and organizing family photos (has over 4,000 of them, all in matching albums, chronological order, names, dates and locations handwritten on each respective photo!:-) After Mom and Dad's retirement, they traveled some. (Spain, cruises to several Mexican destinations, Canada, Hawaii, and several "Automobile touring" trips of the continental United States (They have visited every state at least once, including Alaska! :-)
Oh, and she is still the most proficient I know at sending greeting cards (with handwritten notes:-).  I think she only rarely missed a family/relative/friends - Birthday/Graduation/Wedding/Baby/Anniversary/Get Well/Sympathy/etc./etc.)
(note* - "Happy 65+ years of marriage Mom and Dad!" -

(Here's our latest "group photo" from a "reunion" here in Toledo August 23 - 26th, 2008 (not pictured - my nephew Andy, unable to get away from work that weekend)

(AND, F.Y.I. - I think just about EVERY mom is a hero!! Thanks Ladies!! Keep up the good work!! :-)
My 2 older sisters, Beverly and Bonny, (Barbara, our other sister passed away when I was 14. God Rest her soul.) still keep in constant touch (mostly via email or phone calls), from their respective homes in Sacramento and Cincinnati (Beverly with her husband Dave of 20+ years, and Bonny with her son Andy (their community's "Athlete of the week" during the summer of 2005! Currently a "Junior in Business Management at OSU, with a 3.80 g.p.a.!:-)
(Andy graduated OSU with honors, became a manager at Deloight Accounting Firm, married his high school sweetheart, Raegan Ramos in August 2014. Raegan works as a hair stylist at a salon in Milford. Andy and Raegan had a son, Aiden born March 2016, and live in Batavia, Ohio.
Beverly attended UT where she majored in Fine Arts. She has lived in NC (on a USMC base! I got to visit her there and stay on the base with her! "Semper Fi"!!:-), Hawaii, and several cities in California. She has owned and operated a horse farm (Arabians! :-), a chain of muffler shops, work as a technician repairing and installing intricate electronic gauges in Air Force Fighter Jets, and now she and her husband own "Executive Engravers". (A "Specialty Awards" company! (*Bev is a "Step mom" in her new family - And an instant Grandmother!! (Well, I found out on thanksgiving of '07 (11/22/07) that she is a Great-Grandmother!! One of the plaques they have created in the '90's, was commissioned by a group of Western U.S. Indian tribes. The Indians presented the plaque to President Clinton. I saw the plaque and the presentation ceremony on the national news! :-) The have have won numerous regional (and some national) contests for their creative and innovative designs and techniques!
Bev is also a "Feng Shui" consultant. She has been studying Feng Shui for many years now, and has attained the F.S. level of M4!! (She has attended seminars in various locations of the US and canada, in addition to overseas! (Indonesia, Europe, etc...) Check it out! May it bring you peace, harmony, and your own space. Beverly enjoys photography, you may see some of her work on her facebook page: facbook/BevBestpitchPhotography)
(Bev and Dave also have 3 daschunds, "Doc", "Holly" and "Ollie"
(*You can see photos of Bev's dogs on her twitter: @Bev_Bestpitch)

Bonny, graduated B.G.S.U. one of the top students in her class, and worked for Owens-Illinois at their worldwide headquarters in downtown Toledo (as a certified managerial accountant; glass division! She once personally wrote an "O-I" check for $1,000,000.00!! Cool!! :-) Later, she accepted a managerial accounting position with an Automotive parts manufacturer/supplier and moved to Cincinnati (yes she and Andy are REDS fans). After one last change of employers (to a leader in the Medical Equipment and Supplies Industry), she is now happy to be the proud mother of an OSU freshmen (3.74 GPA after his first semester! "Go BUCKEYES"!). Her work has taken her on business trips to London, and Paris!! (AND travel to - many US states, and caribbean locations! :-)

(Yeah! Now, if I may: Back to Bill! :-)
(Below is a picture of yours truly, on Christmas Morning, 1973, seated behind my "first drum set"!!)
(Do you like the PJs!! Classy huh! LOL! :-)

Born "William Bradner", I attended Monac elementary school (were I had my first taste of the performing arts, in the 4th grade concert band, under band director Dale A. Dental.) I attended and graduated Toledo Whitmer High School, graduating in June of 1978. (I studied Music there and "college prep").
I attended B.G.S.U., earning a B.S.B.A. degree in the spring of 1990. (I still managed to maintain my drumming hobby though, performing with local, original, "Heavy Metal" bands, on the weekends (mostly at partys, nightclubs, and self-produced concerts or shows.  See the picture below, taken during the summer of 1983, at an amatuer "photo op"! Note some of the downtown Toledo "revitalization" used as a backdrop! :-)

At B.G.S.U., I majored in marketing, (specialization - advertising/completed a minor in recording technology) and studied under Doctor John Holmes (sorry Katie fans, no immediate relation!). While attending B.G.S.U. (Go Falcons! Nothing wrong with the UT Rockets either though, thank you! :-), I studied computer music and video under Dr. Burton Beerman. I also worked as an assistant instructor in the B.G.S.U. performing arts recording studio.
(Below is a picture of me with my "Coup de gra" drum kit!! (13 piece double-bass, Aspen white, "Rockstar" TAMA drum kit - 6 Zildjian cymbals!! "Flippin' Sweet!" My motto at the time was: "Wild Willy" - "I like it Loud, Fast, and Hard!" LOL! Ahhh, the good 'ole days!! :-)

I have always lived in the Toledo, OH area. I was happily married to my lovely wife, Krista, for more than 7 and 1/2 years! And MOST importantly, I am the Proud father of whom I think is the greatest daughter in the whole, wide world! Kylie!! (but, then again, I may just be a LITTLE biased, lol)  
I am currently working as a housekeeping/maintenance supervisor for a department store. (cleaning the store during the night). Here in Toledo, I will continue pursuing my hobbies. Bedsides all that, I am just happy, humble, and grateful to be alive and doing okay.

 click for Bradner Genealogy Webpage I came across (*Thanks Bernie B.)

Photo-Ops with Toledo Elected Officials/Dignitaries


Bill pictured here with the then current, (later after mayorship, the Vice President of the Board of Education (2 terms), for Toledo Public Schools.)(@TPSProud), Former Mayor of Toledo, the Honorable Jack Ford. (The picture was taken on Feb. 13, 2002, during an Aldersgate United Methodist Men's club breakfast.)
(**RIP Mayor Ford, Sir. Thank you for your Service and Leadership to the City and it's people.) (May 18, 1947 – March 21, 2015).

On October 17th, I was lucky enough to be paid a campaign visit by then Toledo Mayoral Candidate, and former Toledo Mayor, the Honorable Carty Finkbeiner. Below is a picture taken during that visit. (I had also talked in person with Mayor Finkbeiner on 2 other previous occasions, during his first 2 terms as Toledo Mayor.)

( Toledo.Oh.Gov )
Former Toledo Mayor Michael Bell (2010-2014), myself and my daughter Kylie

RIP Mr. Mayor D. Michael Collins, Sir, thank you for your years of Service, Sacrifice and Commitment to the City of Toledo, OH USA.
(Mayor Collins was one of the nicest, most dedicated mayors I have met (Toledo Police Dept., Block Watch Picnic, City Councilman candidate). (**June 30, 1944 – February 6, 2015. Passed away in Office.)

( Toledo.Oh.Gov )
Toledo Mayor, the Honorable Paula Hicks-Hudson, and I (*7/01/15)

Former Toledo Police Chief (2011-2014) Derrick Diggs and myself!

Toledo Police Department facebook page

Toledo Police Department twitter page

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