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Kylie Bradner

Kylie "Kyky" Bradner
Born in Toledo, OH - Birthday Oct. 9th

Kylie works at a Senior Living Facility as an Aide, Class of 2018 at Owens Community College.  Kylie enjoys hanging out with family and friends, going on walks, going to the beach, she and her cousins, friends, and family enjoy going to movies, baseball games, restaurants, area festival or fairs, their alma mater's football games, her younger brother’s football and basketball games, nearby attractions and to Cedar Point.  Kylie enjoys reading novels, and has read many in only a years time. Kylie enjoys time with her Yorkie/Chihuahua pup "Russell". 
Kylie and two friends went to see a John Bon Jovi concert at Quicken Loans Arena. (*03/19/2017)

(*Photo source: Kylie's instagram: @Kyky_Bradner)

(*below is a photo of Kylie with her mom, on Krista's birthday.)


Kylie has one sibling, a younger brother, Thomas "Louis".  Thomas played little league football for the "Little Rangers" at his middle school, and “summer traveling league basketball” (high scorer on 3 occasions). 
(Thomas plays linebacker and halfback, his favorite basketball team is the "Cavs", he also enjoys playing xbox video games.)
More recently (*Fall 2019) Thomas is playing Halfback, Wide Receiver, and Outside Linebacker, for his 8th grade Football team. 
Photo of Thomas, showing off his "new cut", April 2017

 Kylie has a "Yorkshire/Chihuaha mixed breed" dog, named "Russell" (He likes to go for walks, and loves meeting people, very friendly)

Kylie added a second Dog to her famliy of two pets, "Kyra", a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy, on 7/7/17.
(*Her friend Sarah was with her when she picked "Kyra" up from a co-worker/friend.)


Kylie  and Eric, enjoying the exhibits at the Toledo Zoo (03/19/19)
(*Eric is a Criminal Justice major at University of Toledo, and works part-time at Kroger)

Kylie Bradner with her Grandpa Bob, Christmas 2018 (Bob is a WWII Veteran, a Retired F.B.I. Special Agent, and a Great-Grandfather.) 
Kylie Bradner and her dad, Bill Bradner - photo: Christmas, Plane to Florida

Kylie holding her cousin's 8 month old, Easton.  (Ky: He's so adorable!)
(*July, 2019) 


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